200 Years of Tallahassee – A Symphonic Celebration of our City

photo ©Westwater Arts using photos from Visit Tallahassee and Adieren Narro Photography

Celebrate the life, culture, and

natural beauty of our Tallahassee!

To celebrate Tallahassee’s Bicentennial, the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra is creating a stunning visual concerto titled “200 Years of Tallahassee—A Symphonic Celebration of our City.” The piece will kick off our city’s bicentennial on January 20 & 21, 2024, with performances in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall.

“200 Years of Tallahassee” will feature photographs you submit on a giant 440-square foot screen above the orchestra. The music you’ll hear to accompany this extraordinary new work is from Duke Ellington’s Black, Brown and Beige, which perfectly captures the esprit de corps of our beloved city!

Here are some of your recent submissions!

What does Tallahassee mean to you?

Words are not enough to describe all there is to embrace about Tallahassee’s history, which means we need your photos to show all that makes our city a wonderful and unique place to live. We invite you to submit images of our community’s celebrations, street fairs, and festivals; Historical photos; the Red Hills region’s breathtaking beauty and diversity, including recreational activities (like biking, paddling and running); your favorite places to dine, be with family or friends, or enjoy nightlife; your favorite teams and sporting events; your arts experiences in all their pageantry: our rich performing and visual arts; treasured landmarks and murals; your photos that document volunteerism and spiritual gatherings of churches, synagogues, and mosques (or other); personal portraiture, and sweet acts of kindness among our residents.

Your pictures are what we need to help orchestrate this special story of Tallahassee.

Please submit your photos for

“200 Years of Tallahassee”

Submit as many photos as you would like—both newly created and those you have already shot or inherited. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, if you have pictures that capture the heart of Tallahassee, we want to see our home through your eyes.

STEP 1: Sign our electronic photo release. CLICK HERE

Photographers retain sole ownership and unrestricted use of all photographs submitted. The release allows for the limited use of your images for this project. 

STEP 2: Use this link to upload your images. CLICK HERE

You may upload as many images as you’d like. 

You must use the following image name format: FirstName_LastName_Photo#

Photo Specs

  • Color images, horizontal orientation preferred
  • Black & white images and vertical orientation fine for historic photos and portraiture, respectively
  • JPEG or TIFF file format
  • Minimum resolution 3300 x 2200 pixels (higher-res is preferred)
  • Smartphone, scans, and DSLR photos are welcome
  • No watermarks on photos
  • All photos should be from Tallahassee and the Red Hills region
  • Format for image file names: FirstName_LastName_Photo#

The deadline for submission of images is

WEDNESday, NOVEMber 15, 2023!

Anyone whose photo/s are chosen to be a part of this project will receive a 10% discount to one of the concerts and will be invited to the dress rehearsal!

Westwater Arts will create this project for the TSO

“200 Years of Tallahassee” will be created by Nicholas Bardonnay, the Creative Director & CEO of Westwater Arts. Nicholas is a photographer and multimedia artist. His photography has been exhibited in galleries in London, Los Angeles, Portland and Hong Kong, among others. Since joining Westwater Arts in 2009, Nicholas has worked on more than 120 concerts with orchestras in cities across the U.S. as well as Scotland, England, Singapore, Canada, Poland, and Germany. His latest projects are MágicoNational Park Suite and Visions, which respectively celebrate Mexico’s vibrant culture, the legacy of the National Park Service, and America’s First Peoples. Nicholas will join us here in Tallahassee as technical and artistic director for “200 Years of Tallahassee.”