Symphonic Safari

TSO Symphonic Safari Adventure!

Let’s go on a musical journey with Violetta “Vi” Vibrato and Roger “Roger” Rhythm.

Adventurers Violetta “Vi” Vibrato and Roger “Roger” Rhythm discover a world of musicians and their instruments. With help of the talented musicians of the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, this enthusiastic duo learns about each instrument and the sounds they make. Plus, Vi and Roger explore how these instruments come together in families and how those families make up an orchestra.







1812 Overture

All of the various musicians and instruments of the TSO perform together.

Violetta “VI” Vibrato and Roger “Roger” Rhythm explore what happens when all the instruments in the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra come together at Ruby Diamond Concert Hall to perform the 1812 Orchestra composed by Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky.


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Find your way from the conductor to all the instrument families in our full orchestra maze.

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